Woof Wear Smart Tendon Boot

Woof Wear Smart Tendon Boot
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Product Information

This striking tendon boot combines D3O technology with breathable neoprene and a vented shell to provide exceptional protection to the tendons and allow airflow to/from the lower leg.

D3O is a patented technology used to create a soft and flexible shock absorbing barrier featuring unique molecular properties. At rest, its molecules flow freely, but on impact they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. The inclusion of D3O in the key strike area enables the shell to be more flexible and therefore more comfortable than other products on the market, without hindering performance.

7mm breathable neoprene base with tough vented PU shell. D3O foam inserts for ‘Protection on Demand’. Contrasting mesh panels to prevent grit ingress. Branded elastic straps with secure billet fastenings. Recessed stitching for strength and durability. Soft lycra binding for comfort.

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