Wintec Girth With Cair

Wintec Girth With Cair
Product Code: 306-0125

Product Information


Wintec Girths with CAIR - Research has shown that concentrated pressure on a horse’s sternum is not only uncomfortable for the horse but impedes performance. The CAIR® Cushion System utilises air technology and presents the first true solution for dispersing pressure evenly over a greater area. The fluid cushioning of air results in unprecedented comfort and improved performance for your horse.

These revolutionary girths are scientifically proven to dramatically improve your horse’s comfort and performance by:
• Evenly distributing pressure.
• Dispersing pressure over a larger surface area.
• Fluidly working with the horse’s muscles.
• Providing symmetrical give for your horse’s expanding chest.
• Being anatomically shaped for improved freedom of movement.
Utilising CAIR® Cushion technology in a girth offers unparalleled comfort and performance for your horse.
Give your horse a competitive edge and revolutionize their comfort.

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