Pessoa Training Aid

Pessoa Training Aid
Product Code: 318-0038

Product Information

Regular use of the Pessoa Training Aid as part of a horses training routine will help develop the free forward flowing paces required to succeed in all competitive spheres. The Pessoa Training Aid should be gradually introduced into a work regime, starting in walk, then trot and finally when the horse is settled, canter. The Pessoa Training Aid works at its best when used regularly for short periods of time.The Pessoa Training Aid offers a range of settings. The lower positions work the horses back muscles in isolation. Once the horse is relaxed and working freely at the lower positions, higher positions can be introduced, which work the back muscles and the muscles at the base of the neck in conjunction. The system of ropes and pulleys used encourages the horse to take weight off the forehand and work through his back, bringing his hindquarters underneath him and consequently finding balance and flexibility.Please note that this product does not come with the roller or saddlepad.

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