Jolly Flyer

Product Information

The Jolly Flyer's non-toxic secret rubber compound is engineered to be titanium tough yet velvety soft. This floating flyer won't puncture through all the rigors of the most rambunctious puppy, yet is designed to be a soft catch so it's gentle on muzzles. Specially contoured ridges gently clean teeth and massage gums, as well as making the disc easy to grip.Vibrant Orange and Royal Blue colors make it easy to spot. Jolly Flyer can even fold in half and store in your back pocket. Designed to be caught in the air or easily picked up when it hits the ground. Jolly Flyer flies just a like Frisbee but is made from Jolly Balls great rubber product that lasts. Not intended as a Chew Toy. Do not leave your dog unsupervised with this toy. * Soft and gentle enough so as not to harm your dogs teeth or gums * Puncture resistant * Not a chew toy * Non-toxic Terrific exercise for dogs of all sizes! Made from 100% natural rubber. Helps clean teeth and gums. Puncture resistant and it floats.Orange flyer is 7.5" and Blue flyer is 9.5"

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