Horze ReflectRider Reflective Leg Boots

Horze ReflectRider Reflective Leg Boots
Product Code: 440-0123

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Comfortable for your horse, safe for all.A horse on a dark road can be a very dangerous situation. These beautiful boots will keep you safe and your horse comfortable when riding at night. Highly reflective, vehicles will see you from a distance allowing them time for precautionary measures. High quality faux leather and neoprene lining make this reflective boot durable, safe and ready to take on the wear and tear of riding. Reinforced Velcro secures the boot for a comfortable fit on the front or back legs. This boot is dependable and provides the safety you need when riding. These can be worn on the front or back legs!Features; Reinforced stitching for durable, long lasting use. Beautiful lime color gives a stylish look. Great for night events & parades. Dependable and highly visible. Neoprene provides comfort and durability. Horze "Z" on Velcro strap.Details; Made of neoprene and high quality faux leather. Benefits of neoprene - Adds reinforcement (ankle support) and guards against abrasions as few materials do. Adds durability and product lifespan. Neoprene lined products are more expensive due to safety and durability. Close straps prior to washing. Hand wash for best results. Air dry.

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