Horze Chooze Bandages

Horze Chooze Bandages
Product Code: 311-0021

Product Information

Perfect for securing padding or lining.Horze Chooze elastic bandages are very practical for use when riding. Durable and long lasting, these bandages are light enough to ventilate and keep from getting too hot. Use with bandage padding or lining for optimal protection and prevent the slowing of blood circulation in the legs.Durable Velcro fastening secures the bandage and makes for easy use.Features; Horze logo on Velcro strap. Durable Velcro closure instead of unsafe, pointy safety pins. Durable and long lasting. Set of four in a polyester bag. Great for use over padding. Use to prevent injury while working or exercising.Details; Length: 5 feet 10 inches/1.8m (unrolled). Machine washable, air dry.

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