Horse Quencher

Product Information

Horse Quencher is a new product to the UK having been a huge success in the US - across all equestrian disciplines and levels, including the American and Canadian Olympic event riders in Hong Kong. Horse Quencher is an all-natural blend of ingredients including barley, salt, oats, beet pulp, corn, soyabean oil, apple nectar, and a trace amount of molasses (8%), that looks like muesli, and when you add it to a bucket of water, it gets horses drinking immediately. Not an electrolyte nor a horsey sugary drink, Horse Quencher is a new approach using palatable ingredients with one goal in mind: to get a horse to drink water when you want him to. Hydration is important for health and optimal performance - yet many horses refuse to drink when they need to most, especially in times of competitons, illness, travelling or stress. Dehydration can result in muscle damage, reduced kidney function, laminitis, colic, coma and death, or can simply cause a competitive horse to perform less brilliantly. Now with new Horse Quencher, you can lead a horse to water and make him drink. Single sachet size - 2.3oz.

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