Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork - Long Handle

Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork - Long Handle
Product Code: 256-0037

Product Information

The Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork is designed to work on all bedding types: Chopped straw. Flax.Hemp (Aubiose). Shredded paper. Straw. Chopped cardboard. Wood shavings.Versatile ToolWhy the Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka is the perfect all-round stable tool: sharpened and pointed prongs remove bedding with easesuperb at field clean up. Prongs slide easily under debris without becoming clogged with grasssuperior quality - Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka range uses very strong but lightweight high specification steel & high-carbon spring steel wire tinesperfectly balanced - makes mucking out less back breaking!strong, yet light in weight with a tough lasting finish.**Please note this is an oversized item exceeding 1M in length. Oversized items can only be posted to UK Mainland addresses.

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