Equine America Sooth-Itch

Equine America Sooth-Itch
Product Code: 560-0933

Product Information

For horses and ponies to relieve itching, sooth and encourage hair to grow back naturally.

The product is completely natural and not harmful and can be applied directly to the skin of horses and ponies.

Lavender Oil - The unique floral-herbaceous aroma make it one of the most important aromatherapy essential oils to support sore and tired muscles.
Tee Tree Oil - Also known as Melaleuca oil - is widely known to soothe skin conditions in horses.
Chamomile Oil - A highly versatile ancient herb with an intriguing aroma, which possesses strong calming and health properties. It may also support nervousness, sensitivity, worries and stress and promote relaxation, sleep and a sense of calm and peacefulness for your horse.
Citrepel - This extract of eucalyptus oil has been tested and shown to be safe and soothing to the skin.

Unfortunately, due to flying restrictions we are unable to deliver liquids, aerosols and gels outside the UK.

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