Emvelo Protect+ Topical Coat Spray Concentrate

Emvelo Protect+ Topical Coat Spray Concentrate
Product Code: 560-0887

Product Information

Concentrated Insect Repellent Topical Application for Animals.Protect+ is a soluble formula which can be applied directly to the skin. Protect+ is a topical application which is sprayed to affected parts of your animal. The aromatherapy oils work in two ways; provide natural healing properties complemented by their associated odours which create an environment that does not appeal to flies, fleas, tics and midges.Protect+ is a natural probiotic culture of beneficial micro-organisms including lactic acid and phototropic bacteria and yeasts, grown in energised molasses water bio-dynamically mixed with selected aromatherapy oils, including neem, aloe vera and lemongrass. No genetically modified micro-organisms included.

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