Caldene Supreme Double Bridle

Caldene Supreme Double Bridle
Product Code: 310-0187

Product Information

Double bridle with raised noseband made in high quality eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather for a strong but beautiful finish.

This leather has been pre-treated with bees wax for the ultimate soft finish. Avoid excessive bulk and buckles down the side of the horses head; cheek straps adjust at top of bridle leaving tidy clean lines down side of horses face. Soft leather padding on shaped headpiece relieves any pressure on the sensitive ears and poll.

Caldene bridlework and headcollars are manufactured from high quality vegetable tanned leather.This leather is eco-friendly in contrast to most chemically tanned leathers. The leather is in the ground for a long period with natural barks such as chestnut, oak or hemlock. After which they are spun in a drum for 3 days to produce the required colour. The process takes much longer than chemical tanning, but ensures that the leather is extremely strong and subtle. The resulting leather is perfect for bridlework and headcollars with a beautiful finish and soft feel. The leather absorbs oils much faster than traditional chrome tanned bridlework.

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