Battles Clean & Guard

Battles Clean & Guard
Product Code: 560-0971

Product Information

A powerful time saving antimicrobial cleaning system with microbiostatic action that combines physics with chemistry. Cuts through stains, grease, grime, heavy soil and organic animal matter. Cleans, deodorises and disinfects. All in one disinfectant, cleaner and sanitiser. Protection from germs, viruses, fungi, algae and other contaminants. The unique anti-microbial technology provides the highest level of long-term protection that no other product can deliver.Anti-microbial surface cleaner.Dramatically cuts cost of cleaning.Safe to use on almost any surface.Safe to store.Reduces health and safety risks.Offers safe protection for people, pets and the environment.Destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.Rapidly removes body fat, grease, oils, spillage etc.Safely removes blood, urine and faeces.Deodorises the treated area.Coats surfaces with long lasting invisible antimicrobial protection.Provides ongoing protection against dirt, algae, bacteria, viruses etc.Restricts the build up of contaminants on surface areas.Unfortunately, due to flying restrictions we are unable to deliver this product outside the UK.

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