Barrier Grass & Stable Stain Remover

Barrier Grass & Stable Stain Remover
Product Code: 560-0951

Product Information

Quick and easy to use as an aid to last minute grooming when bathing isnt an option. No water or rinsing required. Quickly dissolves and removes heavy soiling with ease including mud, dirt, urine, manure, dried on sweat stains and grass stains without the use of soap, detergent, bleach or peroxide. Pure and concentrated avocado oil is included that is high in vitamins A,D & E to deep condition hair and skin. A must for use on grey and coloured horses with white markings to lift green and yellow oxidation away from coats, tails and feathers with speed and ease. Contains 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients. Free from all prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA rules.Unfortunately, due to flying restrictions we are unable to deliver this product outside the UK.

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