William Fox-Pitt makes progress after head injury

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William Fox Pitt showing signs of improvement after a fall

William Fox Pitt is improving after suffering a head trauma following a fall in the cross country phase at the 2015 World Championships for Young Horses in Le Lion d’Angers on October 17.

Fox-Pitt and his horse, Reinstated, fell at obstacle number 20, an owl hole. First treated by emergency teams on the course, he was then taken to the hospital in Angers, where he has spent a week sedated and under observation. He has now showing signs of improvement, according to a statement released by British Eventing.

“William has made progress over the weekend; today he is conscious, breathing on his own and communicating with his family and doctors.”

However, the BE statement added, “he is still very ill. He and his family are very grateful for all the support and messages, it is hugely appreciated. Further progress is going to take time, so please continue to respect the family’s privacy.”

Fox Pitt’s horse, Reinstated, was not hurt in the fall.

Image: William Fox Pitt pictured at Burghley in 2009, by Russ HamerCC BY-SA 3.0


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