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Derby House HQ is pretty excited to have come across these incredible glitter tattoos – for horses. We’re certain they’re going to be a Christmas hit; the question is, will you be adorning your horse’s quarters in stars, fairies, reindeers or snowflakes?

The tattoos, which transform the scruffiest of horses into a real life My Little Pony, were invented by Sally Rees, from Coventry, who became a glitter face paint expert when her children were young. Astonished that no one had thought of using glitter on horses, she decided to take the age-old tradition of quarter-marking to new levels, and designed a range of temporary glitter tattoos that can be applied easily using a stencil and sponge.


Vets have approved the tattoos as safe to use as they can be washed off easily and don’t irritate the skin.

Budding horse beauticians can choose between frost glitter tattoos inspired by Disney’s Frozen, jumping horses, fairytales and stars. Sally also offers bespoke stencils, which are proving popular with brands who commission Sally to produce a glitter tattoo-version of their logo. “I call it ‘quarter-marketing’,” she says.


She insists it doesn’t take a trained professional to apply the tattoos. “Anyone can create something truly magical,” she says.

“Every single glitter tattoo I apply to a horse or pony makes me smile,” she continues. “I love that I am not acting like a boring grown up and telling someone that they can’t possibly want a sparkly fairy on their horse’s bum! They look amazing – stunning in fact – and when the sun comes out, you can hear the gasp from the people around!”


Glitter tattoos are available on Sally’s website and cost from £19.99 for a starter kit.

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