Top ten Christmas gifts for your horse

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Top 10 Christmas treats for horses

You’ve ordered the turkey, booked tickets to Olympia and you’re already wearing that all-important festive jumper – the countdown to Christmas has officially started. But wait, have you purchased your horse’s Christmas present? If not, here are some suggestions to make sure he’s not left out on the big day:

1. Wax on, wax off

If your horse is clipped (which does make life a lot easier when it comes to winter grooming and post-exercise cool down) or you live in a very cold area, he’ll need a selection of rugs to keep him snug during the winter months. Ranging from the affordable Classic collection to the top-quality Elite, Derby House’s rugs cover all bases — and the red Fair Isle model (pictured above) is perfect for the festive season.

2. Changing rein

Let’s face it — it’s cold, wet and dark. Unless you have an indoor arena, riding horses can be pretty miserable in the winter. Make your horse’s day by suggesting a career change – if he was a polo pony he would have had three months off by now (think how many lie ins that is for you).

3. Let him embrace his inner unicorn

Capturing the majesty and regal bearing of this mythical creature is not outside the realms of possibility. Treat your horse to his very own unicorn horn so he too, can become a legend.

4. The way to your horse’s heart…

…is through his stomach. You think he loves you? He loves the hand that feeds him even more. This Christmas, stock up on carrots and apples to supplement his diet – a succulent a day is good for any equine tummy, especially when the grass isn’t as plentiful. Or try Lincoln’s Santa and Snowman treats — a brilliant festive makeover of the classic Lincoln horse bix.

5. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

He’s probably not going to be universally admired as much as Whistlejacket or Copenhagen, but you can still have your favouite four-legged friend immortalized. There are lots of horse portrait artists and fantastic equine photographers out there who will be able to capture the true likeness and character of your horse, allowing you to gaze adoringly at him, from the comfort of your own home.

6. Twinkle toes

A little bit of bling isn’t just for browbands. You can add some glamour to your horse’s beauty regime with the Sabella Glitter Spray or Gel. Perfect for mane, tail, body, legs, braids and hooves, but also your gear, this cosmetic-grade glitter will stay on all day but won’t stay and will come off easily.

7. Boredom breaker

Winter water-logged fields results in many horses spending more time indoors, which is pretty dull, when you’re used to ambling free-range. Keep him stimulated in the stable by buying him a Likit Boredom Breaker, which promise to provide hours of entertainment for box-bound horses.

8. Smarten up

Make your horse feel like the superstar he is with an engraved nameplate, perfect for shows. A favourite with eventer Rose Carnegie, Brass Tacks engraves nameplates made of solid polished brass 1.5mm thick. Available in two sizes (depending on the length of your horse’s name, and with square or scalloped corners), each nameplate comes with rivets to attach it to your horse’s headcollar.

9. Stable plaque

Massage his ego and personalize his stable door by hanging his name where everyone can see it. Horze has an affordable option with a minimalist design or you can splurge on a bespoke Tags for Nags plaque, where you can choose from a wide range of stylish fonts and materials including wood, steel and perspex. The final finish can even boast gemstones and diamante, if you’re that way inclined.

10. Roll up, roll up!

You’ve undoubtedly watched all the cute videos on YouTube — the Parelli Green Ball is a play-tool that will help build your horse’s confidence and encourage curiosity and focus. Roll it, bounce it, teach your horse to push it — this exercise ball is a fun way to play with your horse (and if he doesn’t like it, it’s also a great spot to work off those mince pies and get your own core crunching).


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