Superstar pony Chantilly Lace produces her first foal

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Chantilly lace has her first foal

Chantilly Lace, the four-times Royal International coloured pony champion, has produced her first foal, a colt by Sue-Helen Shuttleworth’s 2015 HOYS winner and reserve champion Boston.

“It was a long wait,” said owner Sharon Harrison, who endured seven nights without sleep until Lacey foaled on 6 April. “Every minute felt like an hour, my eyes were square from staring at the screen and every time she wandered round the stable I got palpitations!

“But everything Lacey has ever done she has done well, and this foal is no exception — he is a beauty. Lacey has always been a superstar, so we have named him Star. The little man has some big shoes to fill.”

The “little man” is a very special baby, because Lacey was put in-foal to The Scoundrel in 2013, but lost the foetus. The Harrisons tried four lots of AI in 2014, but Lacey did not take.

“Last year we decided to let Lacey do it herself, so no scans or jabs,” revealed Harrison. “It was impossible to use The Scoundrel because he is in Devon, so we chose Boston, who we love but thought he was small. Sue-Helen assured us he threw big foals. We waited until we thought Lacey was in season and turned her out with Boston. He did the deed and she was scanned in-foal three weeks later.

“We will be keeping the foal because he is very precious to us. His showname will be Sarison Starman. Sarah [daughter, who rode Chantilly Lace] wanted Sarison Superstar but that would be tempting fate.”

Image: Sarison Starman, courtesy of Sharon Harrison


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