There’s no business like horse business

By Nicola Jane Swinney on |


Oscars for the horsey world

It’s showbiz awards season, with the world’s best actors and actresses revelling in their newly assigned Oscars. But supposing the top films had been adapted for the horsey set…

The Lady in the Van

Follow the trials and tribulations of a showing fanatic who drives the horsebox to shows every single weekend during the summer.

The Remnant

How does a cheeky pony manage to ruin his new rug in about five minutes on his own in the field?

The Marshy One

A beautiful grey horse always — literally always — seeks out the boggiest bit of field to roll in. Watch his transformation.

The Danish Grill

If you had to get up at 5am to do the horses before work, you’d have a bacon sandwich every day too.

The Big Short

A glorious full-out, leg-stretching gallop across open fields — pull up your stirrup leathers and enjoy the ride!

The Hateful Eight

The heart-rending story of a perfect pony and a blind conformation judge who never gives him the 10 out of 10 he deserves.

Bridge the Reins

What makes a usually angelic horse start tanking the minute he sees open country? A fast-moving story.


Will this year be the one when our dedicated showing heroine finally gets to ride down the centre line at HOYS? A tale of the underdog.

Image: photo montage. Originals: Oscars by David Torcivia via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, horse by Blax 333 via Pixabay, CC0


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