The top 10 presents for a horsey girl

By Nicola Jane Swinney on |


The perfect present for a horsey girl

Christmas looms large on the horizon and you don’t know what to buy for your horsey girl? Don’t worry, we have it covered! You know you will always come second-best to the four-legged love of her life, but if you present her with one (or all) of the following, she’ll be yours forever. Well, until the New Year anyway…

1. Another horse

2. Another horse

3. Another horse

4. Another horse

5. Another horse

6. A luxury six-horse lorry with first-class living accommodation and all mod cons

7. A luxury pop-out horse shower for the lorry

8. A six-berth horse-walker

9. A brand new yard, with stables, floodlit arena, indoor school, feed room, tack room, wash-down area, paddocks and off-road hacking. Oh, and a sweet little cottage (perfect for one person)

10. Another horse



  1. Carla Passino

    Ha Rachel, then you definitely have to ask Santa for seven horses *and* a second lorry!

  2. Rachel Armstrong

    Hahaha!! I read the ‘What NOT to buy a horsey girl’ first and then I read this. Yes all the way through and I concur that the list is accurate, apart from number 10 as I would then have 7 horses and only room for the first 6 on the lorry :o) Otherwise, the list is perfect!!


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