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  1. Agricultural show to weigh showing competitors in shock move

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    In a highly controversial move, an agricultural show is planning to weigh all riders before their respective classes. The Fellingbridge, Okewood & Ockingham Livestock Society is introducing the pilot scheme in conjunction with one of the main showing societies, although a spokesman declined to say which.

    “Riders are getting bigger,” he pointed out, “and we must move with the times. Showing is all about the overall picture, and if a child is too heavy for the pony, that picture is spoiled.”

    When asked whether he thought that should be a decision for the judges, he replied: “Showing judges don’t always make the right decisions.”

    While some thought the weighing was a good idea, there were many dissenters.

    “It’s absolutely outrageous,” said April Foulds, of Nether Wallop. “My daughter is big for her age — she’s not overweight, just big-boned — and this is downright discrimination.”

    The two-day show starts today, Friday, April 1.