Showing supremo Jayne Ross recovers from a fall

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jayne ross

A relieved Jayne Ross was recovering at home yesterday (Monday, February 22) after scans at Bedford Hospital revealed nothing more serious than severe bruising.

The showing producer, who won her latest Horse of the Year Show supreme title with Broadshard Simplicity last October, suffered a crashing fall at the Valentine Show at Keysoe last Friday (February 19) when a novice Highland pony she was riding stumbled on the go-round, firing the rider head first into the ground. Jayne was quickly on her feet but was clearly winded, had injured her shoulder and was bleeding from an ear injury.

“We were afraid she’d injured her shoulder, but it was X-rayed and further scans today [Monday] show intensive bruising and swelling,” said Carol Bardo, at whose Berkshire yard Jayne is based. “She should be back in the saddle soon.”

Ross added: “I can’t get a hat on at the moment so I’ll be off for a while. I’ve got a black eye and a bruised face. I did a good job!”

It’s unlikely that Jayne will be out of the saddle for long. Some years ago, after breaking her wrist in a schooling fall, she persuaded the boys in the plaster room to cut down her “pot” so that she could still hold the reins….

Image: Jayne Ross and Broadshard Simplicity at the Horse of the Year Show, by E.S. Photography, courtesy of the Horse of the Year Show


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