Why it’s neighhhhh fun being small!

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Pedro, a pint-sized Shetland pony, is one of the most popular character at the Ebony Horse Club in London. Most new members of this inner-city riding club have never seen a horse before and can be a little nervous but Pedro always makes them feel at ease – partly, it has to be said, due to his diminutive size.

While his short legs are good news for his human friends, they are creating rather a problem for him – he can’t see over his stable door. “Although he spends a lot of the day outside, he is very inquisitive and likes to see what’s going on when he is in his stable,” says a spokesperson for the club.

Last week club members came up with an ingenious solution. They designed a periscope enabling Petro to watch the action on the yard. The device, christened “the Pedroscope” was created by Stockport-based printing firm Print & Cut. “We’ve had some strange requests over the years but never anything like this. It’s the first we’ve ever heard of, let alone made for a pony, but we jumped at the chance to help,” says Andy Morris of Print & Cut.

The periscope is a brilliant but temporary measure, according to the Ebony Club spokesperson. “It can be used when people are on the yard, but we need to find a permanent solution,” he says. “We have looked into several options, such as a smaller door, but have decided that the best thing is to purchase a miniature stable. Not only will this be great for Pedro but it will free up his stable for a larger horse to accommodate the increasing numbers of Brixton teenagers who ride with us.”

  • Anyone wishing to help can text PONY44 and an amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070 (eg PONY44 £2) to 70070.


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