How to buy jodhpurs and riding breeches

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What you need to know about buying jodhpurs

Like all clothing, jodhpurs and riding breeches come in a range of sizes and cuts, and it is important to find the one that best suits your body shape. If you are uncomfortable in the saddle and feel restricted, you are wearing the wrong trousers! The whole point of these garments is that they give you freedom of movement while you ride.

Check your measurements

So it’s worth shopping around, trying on a number of different makes and sizes to find your perfect fit. Try tack shops, speciality equestrian retailers, online stores, eBay and second-hand outlets. Make a note of your waist measurement and your inseam — measuring from the top of the inside of your thigh to your ankle — and take it with you when you shop. Sizes for women start from waist size 24in (roughly a UK size 8) and go up in two-inch increments — 26in, 28in, 30in and so on. Many makes now come in regular or long sizes, for those with endless legs.

Regular versus low-rise

You can also choose between a regular style or low-rise, which suit some riders, and some also come with a wider waistband, which many find more comfortable.
You should also have some idea of budget before shopping, too, as it’s easy to get carried away. It can be helpful to have someone with you, an expert or just a friend who has bought riding wear before. And ask around — equestrian online forums can give you a wealth of advice.

Try innovative fabrics for better comfort

As well as different styles, try different fabrics too. Most have some stretch, such as Lycra, elastane or Spandex, and some are have “technical features”, for example breathable material that will keep you cool in the summer. You can also get Polartec-type microfibres for warmth in cold weather. Such special elements will, however, be reflected in the price.

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