Ex-serviceman undergoes ‘horse therapy’

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This is an amazing story for Friday! A Gulf War veteran from Coldstream who lived as a recluse for 15 years after developing severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), has rebuilt his life after undergoing “horse therapy”.

Gulf war veteran healed through horses

Gulf war veteran Vince Davidson underwent “horse therapy”

The treatment, which has been developed by the charity Dare to Live, uses horses to help servicemen overcome feelings of anxiety and anger by building their trust with horses.

“Horses are highly sensitive to subtle energetic signals in human body language. They only interact willingly with humans when our actions, words and thoughts are aligned with what we are feeling,” explains Hugh Forsyth, operations manager for Dare to Live, an ex Royal Engineer who also suffered from PTSD (diagnosed in 2006).

“They show you what actions, behaviours and attitudes work for or against you, offering opportunities to experiment and recalibrate your way of being. The results are extraordinary and the outcomes are immediately effective and sustainable.”

Vince Davidson was in the Army from the age of 23, serving in Northern Ireland and the Gulf. But after leaving the military he lived as a recluse in a shed for 15 years before undergoing “horse therapy” through Dare to Live’s veteran’s programme.

BBC Scotland’s Emma Ailes went to meet Vince and hear how the treatment has helped him. You can watch the amazing video footage here.

Read more about this amazing charity on our blog next week.


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