Izzy Taylor: 5 ways to be a BETTER rider

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We’re delighted to announce that eventer IZZY TAYLOR has joined our stable of bloggers. Last year Izzy was the only rider to complete Badminton on both her horses finishing in the top 20. She was also selected for TEAM GBR squad at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and finished the season in fifth place in the British Eventing Rankings for 2014.

She is currently the third highest British rider and highest ranked British female in the FEI rankings.

First up, Izzy has put together her 5 motivational tips for 2015.

1. Get fit

If you’re fitter, you’ll be a more secure rider with more stamina. Focus on improving your all round fitness paying particular attention to your core and leg. Stronger core & legs = stronger rider.

2. Eat healthily

Easier said that done however keep trying. There’s no point trying to get fit if you’re not being careful about what you eat.

3. Never loose sight of the dream

Always have something BIG to aim for keeps you focused for the season. Set yourself some achievable goals for 2015, be it participating in a certain competition, passing your B Test or qualifying for a certain championship.  My major goal is being selected for the Europeans but it would also be great to have good results at Badminton and Burghley. If you’ve got something concrete to focus on you will be more motivated in your riding.

4. Be positive

If last season was a write off, put it behind you. If you get off to a bad start this season, try not to feel disheartened (easiser said than done, I know) and set yourself a new target. There’s no point  even sitting on a horse unless you have a positive mental attitude.

5. Remember to relax and SMILE

I constantly have to remind myself to do this, particularly when I’m doing a dressage test! The minute you smile, you send good vibes to your horse, which will (hopefully) improve their performance.


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