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Welcome to the new Derby House blog!

I’m the Tack Room Mouse and I’ve been entrusted to run the DH Blog, mainly because I know everything there is to know about equestrian kit but also because the rest of the gang here at Derby House HQ are just too busy sending out orders.

Seriously, how many rugs does one horse need? *sigh*.

It’s a question you might be asking yourself this autumn so I’ve taken it upon myself to list 10 rugs you should be considering for your horse’s AW14/15 wardrobe.

Here goes… shout if I’ve missed anything.

House mouse standing (Mus musculus)

1. A standard winter turn out rug

By now your horse will probably be sporting a standard-weight winter turn out rug (assuming of course he is not a Dartmoor pony with a four inch thick coat). If you haven’t already invested in one, I’d recommend this season’s Derby House rug range as they come in gorgeous autumnal colours and have the softest fleece witherpads.


2. A standard-weight stable rug

Your horse’s pjs don’t have to cost the earth but a stable rug does need to be cosy, comfortable and hardwearing. I’m particularly fond of the new Derby House Essentials rug, which comes in a racy formula one red and is great value at £44.99.


 3. A fluorescent exercise sheet

Don’t forget to stay safe on the roads now the days are shorter: our amazing Derby House fluorescent exercise sheet is a steal at £29.99 (was £59.99).


 4. A heavier weight turn out rug – with a neck cover or attachment

A heavier weight turn out rug – ideally with a neck cover or neck attachment – is such a blessing when the temperature drops to Arctic levels and the fields turn to mud. I’m a fan of Mark Todd’s heavyweight neck covers (£69.99), which reduce mane rub in my opinion and ensure your horse stays warm and clean right up to his ears, even when he’s munching grass. You’ll need the matching rug, though (£124.99). Our smart new Derby House heavy combo horse rug with a built-in neck attachment and a 300g is also completely incredible in a blizzard. I love the colour – green – although it won’t stay looking like that for long.


5. A waterproof exercise sheet

Hacking out in the driving rain – or snow, isn’t this mean to be ridiculously cold this winter? – will be a lot more pleasant for your horse in a Coolex waterproof exercise sheet (£97.99).


6. A waffle, fleece or cotton under rug

It’s all about layering at this time of year: a Weatherbeeta waffle (£34.99) or a Derby House fleece (£29.99) adds a whole new level of coziness to a stable rug whilst also providing a sweat sheet after exercising. We’ve also designed a fleece neck attachment for our fleece rug to keep plaits pristine and the neck cosy at winter competitions. See, we’ve thought of everything.



 7. A medium-weight pony rug

In the dead of winter, even the hairiest of ponies can feel the cold. If you’re looking for something your little monster won’t tear to shreds I’d go for the Mark Todd medium weight pony rug (£52.99).


 8. An under rug

I used to shove old duvets under my stable rugs when the weather got truly bitter but now there’s the Derby House professional version (£49.99), which goes right up the neck and sits comfortably under your existing stable rug. Also acts as a lightweight stable rug in spring. Bonus.


 9. A heavyweight stable rug

Stable rugs don’t get any warmer than the JHL heavyweight stable combo rug (£85.00) with its full neck cover. It’s the height of luxury, with 400g filling, shoulder and neck gussets and super soft anti-rub pads at the shoulders and top of the neck cover. I love it in red but it’s also available in navy blue.


 10. Transit rug

The Comfort Zone transit rug (£79.95) is ideal for travelling to winter competitions: warm, breathable and extremely hardwearing with Airflex pads sewn in to the hip, shoulder and tail area to provide protection while travelling. Maybe one for the Christmas list?



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